Schüco Reported Stable Performance despite Difficult Global Markets in 2020

Shanghai, China – August 10, 2021 – Schüco International KG, a global leading provider of system solutions for windows, doors and façades (hereinafter referred to as “Schüco”), today announced that global growth in 2020 was very challenging, given the coronavirus pandemic and the measures and restrictions that came with it. Nevertheless, the construction industry managed to expand cautiously. The continued high demand for living space, particularly on the German market, stimulated growth. This allowed the Schüco Group to achieve a turnover of €1.695 billion for the 2020 business year, despite the challenging economic situation around the world. In 2020, an annual average of 5,650 staff worked for the Schüco Group, and its economic equity remained unchanged at around 70%.

Schüco develops and sells system solutions made of aluminium, steel and PVC-U for building envelopes. The product portfolio includes window, door, façade, security, sliding, sun shading and ventilation systems, as well as smart building solutions. The systems can be used in any climate zone and all building types and, if required, can provide burglar and fire resistance and offer sound reduction. The product portfolio is complemented by fabrication machinery and a service tailored to customers’ needs. It is further enhanced by digital processes and tools for design, planning, calculating and fabrication, as well as comprehensive consultancy services for architectural practices, fabricators and construction professionals.

Especially in the Chinese market, Schüco reported a steady growth in 2020. Schüco China kept the stable performance and caught up despite the difficulties. The company works to provide customers with “Home of the Future” experience, by enhance its local brand influence and satisfying more consumers with one-stop services that are efficient, convenient and dependable. The company also aims to deliver smart living with sustainable that is highly focused in the modern city trend.

Collaborating with partners for double win

In the area of fabrication, Schüco is rising to the challenge of developing product ideas and business models for metal fabrication which help to optimize workflows. The aim is to develop innovative fabrication methods for the best possible processes, from prefabrication to installation with different customer sizes. The first concrete development project with KUKA AG (a leading provider of robot, plant and system technology based in Augsburg) was achieved in 2020 with automated loading and unloading of the well-known Schüco AF 500 5-axis processing machine using a KUKA robot. This project has resulted in increased digitally automated fabrication for Schüco metal fabrication customers.

Fully embracing the digital era

The strategy of almost complete digitalization of the processes in construction - with the aim of networking the design and planning stages of a building project, as well as fabrication, installation, use, maintenance and recycling - has been and continues to be pursued. In the past, Schüco always showcased its product and service innovations at the construction industry’s leading exhibitions. Back in April 2020, however, the company was one of the first to announce that it would not be attending the BAU exhibition in Munich as planned for January 2021. Making this decision at an early stage freed up capacity for projects and areas where the company could actively reach its partners around the world during the crisis and supported them afterwards. Work turned to the online platform Schüco Innovation Now. Launched in January 2021, the project aimed to gradually provide people from all over the world, at any time of day, with detailed information about new Schüco systems and services through trends, topics and product launch events.

Schüco Innovation Now focuses on three areas that are closely related to our work and lives, today and tomorrow: Health - Healthy Building, Smart - Smart Building, Secure - Secure Building. Digitalization and sustainability are covered in each of these three areas. They are both the starting point and prerequisite for the future-oriented development of our products and services.

 Sustainability provides the basis for Healthy Buildings, which consume very little energy, stand the test of time and are made from recyclable products. That is how modern buildings should be. In this regard, the Schüco AWS 90 AC.SI acoustic window combines sound reduction and natural ventilation when tilted.

 Smart Building goes beyond the currently popular Smart Home. Schüco’s digital solution for Smart Building provides intelligent planning at the initial stage of a project, and delivers fully digital management during the whole lifecycle of its products.

 For Schüco, Secure Building means developing solutions that can be used to protect both people and assets inside buildings.

Adhering to sustainability

Schüco takes sustainability as the rule for its corporate development and one of its social responsibilities. The ambitious CO2 reduction targets that Schüco has set out for its business activities together with the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) will contribute to limiting global warming to 1.5°, in line with the Paris Agreement. Schüco brought in various measures in 2020 to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprints at the upstream and downstream value creation stages. The comprehensive understanding of sustainability by Schüco goes far beyond protecting the climate and environment. When it comes to implementing the Cradle-to-Cradle principle in the construction sector, Schüco continues to lead the way with 55 C2C-certified systems. Its improvements in energy efficiency aim to make buildings carbon neutral by 2050 at the latest.

Andreas Engelhardt, Managing Partner of Schüco International KG, says, “The German government has set out the guidelines for the tasks ahead by intensifying its climate objectives and amending the climate protection law. We therefore need to immediately invest in funding programs and innovative products for saving energy and increasing efficiency.”

Site and reference project expansion

The largest Schüco new build and renovation project is the expansion of its Bielefeld site, and renovation and complete refurbishment of Schüco One, Bielefeld is scheduled for completion in the first quarter of 2022. In 2020, building work continued on the new, barrier-free Schüco Welcome Forum, which will be the first port of call in future for up to 25,000 visitors looking to gain an insight into the Schüco world. Furthermore, renovation work on the Schüco Corporate Services building started back in November 2019.

Building upon a new vision to develop its strategic goals in the Chinese market

As a global leader in doors, windows, and façades, Schüco aims to better serve Chinese consumers, and keep up with the changing trends in China’s consumer market. Based on commerce, housing, and retail that are viewed as its three pillar industries, the company seeks to lead the Chinese market for doors, windows, and façades, and provide partners and customers with premium quality system design, innovative products, excellent installation and after-sales services, as well as customized solutions. Schüco also supports architects and designers for their newbuild and renovation projects to meet the needs of more consumers for enhanced functionality and comfort of a building. The living standards of urban residents are improving year by year, with higher requirements being imposed for their living conditions. In the future, an increasing number of construction and reconstruction projects will be seen in Chinese cities, accelerating the pace of renovation. Schüco China has already formulated a strategy accordingly. Schüco will continue to consolidate its position as a leader in the industry, and in addition to its successful B2B business, the company will make greater efforts to expand its B2C business, so that more retail customers can benefit from its high-quality products and one-stop services. Most importantly, Schüco China will offer efficient, customized product design and services, empowering consumers with its professional level of standards; from the perspective of products and services, the company will further localize its production and management; and in terms of product development, it will create a BL product line, add a new PVC-U line, customize façades, etc. At the same time, Schüco will be even more customer-centric, by responding to them at a faster speed, and enhancing its local supply and R&D capabilities, so as to tailor-make more innovative products for Chinese customers. Earlier this year, Schüco China successfully launched its new brand image, and the company plans to accelerate transformation and lead consumers to reinvent their living space for a Home of the Future experience.

“Looking back at Schüco China’s development in China over the past two decades, we can see that a lot of milestones have been achieved, contributing to the growth of the industry. At Schüco we are committed to craftsmanship and innovation, setting a higher bar in this regard. Our aim is to benefit more consumers with world-class design of doors, windows and façades,” said Torsten Dietze, Executive Director Schüco Greater China. “In the future, Schüco will continue to implement its localization strategy, and provide Chinese consumers with more innovative products and services, and improved use experience as well.”

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