About PressReleaseFinder

The purpose of this online press room is to provide editors with a comprehensive, fast-loading and easy-to-search database of press material relating to the companies they want to keep in focus.

PressReleaseFinder is an invaluable aid because it delivers:
  • access 24 X 365
  • a simple user interface that is easy to navigate
  • press releases in a choice of languages
  • a company’s dedicated page, with its latest release, at a single click
  • both ‘news’ and archived information
  • complementary information relating to exhibitions, seminars and press events
  • press kits, press event presentations, annual reports and key people biographical material
  • a search tool to locate releases on specific subjects
  • downloadable pictures in jpeg/tiff file format and the option to request them in high resolution versions
These days editors want information the moment it becomes available. But at the same time, they want access to company and product background material on an ‘as and when needed’ basis – given their geographical spread this means information availability around the clock. A combination of e-mail, RSS feeds and websites satisfies these needs. EMG’s 1990s website already provided a Press Centre, but in 2001 the high growth rate of its multi-language database dictated the need for a more user-friendly/user-valuable structure. This resulted in an upscaling of the pressroom: the creation of a platform for editors to access information from a wider range of companies.

Featured Agencies
PressReleaseFinder currently incorporates press releases from the following agencies: